Friday, August 15, 2008

My Land at Andoung Meas, Ratanakiri

It was on 05/07/08 my uncle and I went to jungle, Andoung Meas district, behind my land in order to measure our length and wide. The water is cool, very clear and clean. We spent nearly two hours walking throught the forest and along the stream with other seven men behind us. We are exhausted , but happy. Of course, I really love the nature very much. Indeed, I am fond of travelling in the jungle, because it is calm and very quiet .

I was checking my GPS to measure the distances.

It's my first time to walking in the forest. Of course, it's really tired and too danger. However, I feel happy and proud of it.

We were taking a short break after waving the water nearly two kilometers.

It takes only nearly three months our plant grow very quickly.

So cool.........!!!!!!!! It's unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is our land covering 33 hectares with 5 owners who are keen on agriculture sectors. At the present, we have been transforming it to multi-agro-industries plantation. We have already planted cassava approxiamately 10 hectares along with other vegetables, fruits, and rice up to now. In addition, we have also raised domestic animals.

This photo was taken from Google Earth.

This map shows the area of Andoung Meas district, Ratanakiri province with Se San river.

Ratanakiri province is very good for investment in agro-industry and tourism sector. We strongly hope that in the near future Ratanakiri will become a potential economic zone.

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